Why You Need to Start a Roth IRA

The Roth IRA is one of the most important tools you have in saving for your future, offering some dramatic advantages. Make sure you understand it here!

Doing Well by Doing Good

Is it possible for a company to reap financial rewards while still treating their employees and customers well? Not all companies view their employees as expenses to be minimized, rather than as valuable members of the corporate team.

Will Obamacare Raise My Taxes?

If you don’t understand something, it is up to you to get information. Seek out the truth. Ask the questions. Be sure you understand, before you blindly condemn or support.

Creative Alternatives for Funding College Tuition

You have probably seen and heard the news recently about the astronomical cost of college. If you’re a parent, you’re wondering if you will be able to send your kids. If you’re a high school student or even in college now, you’re wondering if you will ever be able to make enough money to pay off the loans you expect to have to obtain. And with the economy still recovering so slowly, and the unemployment rate high, you might even wonder if your college education is actually worth the money you will pay for it. Does it make sense to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, when the highest-paying job you will likely be able to get after graduation will pay hardly more than minimum wage? This is a subject that is intensely personal for me right now, because I have one child in high school and one in junior high. A year or so is all the time I have to figure out how I am going to pay for college for both of them. Traditional FAFSA, Grants,  Loans and Scholarships You can and should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, in order to determine how much you may qualify for in terms of federal Pell grants, work-study programs and student loans. Of course, the school itself may offer you grants and loans, so absolutely DO NOT HESITATE to ask. There are also a number of scholarships for which you can apply. Be sure not to pay anyone in advance to guarantee you a scholarship – that is likely a scam and you won’t see a penny. There are loans for both students and parents, federally funded and subsidized as well as privately funded. These, of course, are the most common option for many students, and this is where you can find yourself buried in...

How to Invest in MLPs, Part One

Part one in a two-part introduction to the Master Limited Partnership. Learn about this important tool for income and dividend-growth investors.

What’s Wrong With The Cult of Shareholder Value?

In the early 1980s, when the first stirrings of global competition began to hit American shores, and computers started to make inroads into productivity gains, a generation of “corporate raiders” and disgruntled investors began proposing ideas…

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