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Doing Well by Doing Good

Is it possible for a company to reap financial rewards while still treating their employees and customers well? Not all companies view their employees as expenses to be minimized, rather than as valuable members of the corporate team.

Eating In: One Way to Set Aside Money for Investments

One of the main objections people have to building an investment portfolio is that it takes every penny they have to get by. Most of us waste more money than we realize...

Using Credit Cards with Cash Back Bonuses

Credit cards are excellent tools, assuming that you are responsible in how they are used. Providers who offer cash back bonuses on qualified purchases can save you a lot of money...

What is a Household Contingency Fund?

You’ve heard of companies having contingency funds. These are simply resources that are set aside to manage the cost of unanticipated financial emergencies. Why not take this idea and apply it to the operation of your household?

Will Obamacare Raise My Taxes?

If you don’t understand something, it is up to you to get information. Seek out the truth. Ask the questions. Be sure you understand, before you blindly condemn or support.

Frugal Hack: Save Energy This Winter with Weather Stripping

With cold weather on the way, you are dreading the idea of high heating bills. Rather than fretting about the situation, why not take some steps that will help to reduce the...