Frugal Hack: Buy a Refurbished Laptop

Frugal Hack: Buy a Refurbished Laptop

Your laptop has broken down at the worst possible time. Unfortunately, the cost of repairs is more than the device is worth. Buying a new one is out of the question if you are to stay on track financially. A solution: consider the purchase of a refurbished system!

Refurbished laptops are not simply used laptops that have been cleaned up a little. These devices have been restored to original factory standards. This means all replacement parts are the same brand and model as was used in the original production effort. In addition, the refurbished hard drive is wiped clean and equipped with a fresh load of an operating system that is still being supported by the original manufacturer.

For the best possible results, take the time to look at the ratings for the make and model you are considering. If those original ratings weren’t all that good, find another brand or model with the features you want. When the laptop design was flawed in the first place, you can’t expect the refurbished device to be any better.

Don’t forget that refurbished laptops are often available for less than half the cost of a new system. In most cases, you can even secure a limited warranty that will remain in effect a reasonable period of time. This means you can get back to enjoying the convenience of a laptop and still meet all the financial goals you’ve set for the rest of the year.

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