Frugal Hack: Save Money at the Supermarket

Frugal Hack: Save Money at the Supermarket

Food is usually one of the major components of a household budget. It also happens to be an expense you can control if you know how. By employing a couple of tips that help you to find the real bargains in the supermarket, it is possible to stretch the food budget and have a little left over at the end of the month.

You’ve noticed that some brands are less expensive than others. It makes sense to buy those cheaper brands, right? Not necessarily. Check the net weight posted on the packaging. A lower priced brand could contain less food than the more expensive brands. You pay less, but you also get less; that’s not the way to make the most of your food budget.

When shopping, look below eye level as you walk down the aisles. The products that the supermarket manager wants to move are placed so consumers don’t have to look up or down in order to notice them. By looking at the lower shelves, you are likely to find brands that have as much product as the pricier items and are offered for a lower price per unit.

The bottom line is that consumers must know what they are getting for their money. If the lower price does not offer the same quantity as the competition, it is not worth your time. When the product provides more food at a lower cost, then you’ve found a way to save money and stretch your budget.

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