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Doing Well by Doing Good

Is it possible for a company to reap financial rewards while still treating their employees and customers well? Not all companies view their employees as expenses to be minimized, rather than as valuable members of the corporate team.

Eating In: One Way to Set Aside Money for Investments

One of the main objections people have to building an investment portfolio is that it takes every penny they have to get by. Most of us waste more money than we realize especially when it comes to eating out and entertainment expenses. Try this strategy for a month and see how much money you can save in a thirty-day period. If you tend to each out three or four times each week, add up the amount you spend on those meals last month. This can usually be done by looking back at your credit card statement. Calculate an average cost that you pay for each meal out. Next, limit eating out to one night per week. Choose a place that you enjoy, but one that also happens to offer meals at moderate prices. For all those other nights, prepare your meals at home using whatever is in the pantry. This may mean getting a little creative, but since that food is already paid for, why not put it to good use? Each night that you eat in, put the...

Using Credit Cards with Cash Back Bonuses

Credit cards are excellent tools, assuming that you are responsible in how they are used. Providers who offer cash back bonuses on qualified purchases can save you a lot of money each month! The money you save can easily go into the vacation fund, pad your savings a bit, or even feed that household contingency fund that you just started. The strategy calls for knowing what types of purchases will result in some sort of cash back bonus. Some providers cover a lot of day to day purchase, like groceries and gasoline. Many will also reward bonuses on purchasing like clothing or school supplies. When that is the case, use the card every time you fill up, go to the supermarket, or need new school clothing for the kids. Even if each of the bonuses is no more than one or two percent of each transaction, the bonuses will add up over time. Keep in mind that it is important to avoid interests charges on the card. All charges made to earn cash back bonuses should be settled during...

What is a Household Contingency Fund?

You’ve heard of companies having contingency funds. These are simply resources that are set aside to manage the cost of unanticipated financial emergencies. Why not take this idea and apply it to the operation of your household?

Will Obamacare Raise My Taxes?

If you don’t understand something, it is up to you to get information. Seek out the truth. Ask the questions. Be sure you understand, before you blindly condemn or support.

Frugal Hack: Save Energy This Winter with Weather Stripping

With cold weather on the way, you are dreading the idea of high heating bills. Rather than fretting about the situation, why not take some steps that will help to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the home at a comfortable temperature? One of the easiest do it yourself ways to accomplish the task is to apply weather stripping to your windows. Windows are easily one of the most common problem areas when it comes to controlling the temperature within the home. Sashes that are a little loose in the frames allow for tiny leaks of air from outside. By using the weather stripping to block those leaks, it’s possible to reduce your winter heating bill by as much as a third of the average cost. Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert to apply the stripping. Following a set of simple instructions will allow even a novice to do the job in very little time. Think of what you can do with that the money you save in home heating costs over the...